Workplace learning opportunities are often offered by employers through training days, events and other training opportunities, whether they are skills relevant to our jobs and careers, or workplace safety and health-based courses.  It is so important for employees to have workplace skills which can be relied upon in times of emergency!


Many employers offer their staff the chance to learn basic first aid through either a face to face instructor, or through some form of e-learning course.  First aid is an essential skill to have, as knowing some basic emergency practices can potentially save a life.  Especially in jobs which involve the use of machinery, or perhaps caring for children, first aid is vital in ensuring staff and other people in the building are safe.  Ashtree Management offer a wide range of workplace health and safety courses, including first aid courses – perfect for helping your staff to be more aware of the different skills required to save lives.


Fire risk is another key area which many employers choose to train their staff in.  It is written into the law that employers must train their staff in the procedures in case of a fire at work, so it makes sense for employers to offer some form of fire safety training too.  Our fire safety courses are a fantastic introduction for beginners and those who need a refresher in the skills of fire safety.  Having staff who know some basic and essential skills could mean the difference between life and death in some situations.  Thankfully, a great number of us will never need to use our knowledge in a dangerous situation, but would you know how to use a fire extinguisher safely?


Other areas of health and safety at work include safe manual handling (lifting and moving heavy objects safely), risk assessment, hygiene and even stress awareness.  There are so many areas which staff can be trained in to make your workplace safer, more productive and happier for your employees.  Take a look through our extensive wokrplace learning course list to see what we could offer for your workplace training!

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