Working at Height

Group Price £340.00 + Vat.

Our Working at Height training course is designed to provide information to ensure your employees are aware of the significant risks to the business, themselves and others whilst working at height.

The course will identify how the use of risk assessments and adopting safe systems of working can eliminate / minimise accidents whilst working at height.

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This Working at Height course is designed to provide your employees with an understanding of the Working at Height Regulations 2005 and how this fits into the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. It will highlight the risks involved when working at height and the typical injuries suffered by operators when poor systems and / or equipment is used. The course will encourage discussions on current Policy and Procedures to get delegates to look for ways to improve current practice. Current equipment used during specific activities can be discussed as will maintenance and inspections.

If 2 half day (3 hours each) Working at Height training sessions are booked for the same day, the second course is half price.

Course Objectives

By the end of our Working at Height course delegates will be able to:

  1. State their Role & Responsibilities under Health & Safety at Work legislation.
  2. Identify hazards whilst working at height.
  3. Define Safe Working at Height.
  4. Select the right equipment to be used for specific activities
  5. Be aware of the importance of detailed maintenance and inspection procedures

Group courses at your premises are available across England & Wales.

Course content

  1. An introduction to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  2. Working at Height definitions
  3. Typical injuries
  4. Working at Height Regulations 2005
  5. Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Fall Prevention
  7. Risk Assessment
  8. The Safe Use of Ladders
  9. Additional Types of Equipment