Full day session. Group price £340.00 + Vat.
Half day refresher. Group price £330.00 + Vat.

The name of this course has had various titles over the years, you may recognise these other titles; Moving & Handling of People, Safe Repositioning of People, Moving & Repositioning and others, to clarify, they are the same course.

This 1 day course or 1/2 day refresher course is designed for people in the Health & Social Care professions to increase their awareness of the possible injuries to themselves & clients and to enable them to carry out patient transfer operations safely with dignity and comfort.

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Course Description

Numbers on the Moving & Handling course are strictly limited to allow time for all delegates to practice the various transfer techniques and use of the transfer aids. The course includes informal discussions, practice in transfer techniques and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

All Care Staff should be aware of:

  • Care staff legal responsibilities and importance of risk assessment
  • Safe back positions
  • Techniques of client transfers
  • Transfer aids and how it feels to be moved using them.
  • How to hoist safely
  • Importance of communication with client when transferring
  • Importance of maintaining client dignity.

Courses conducted In-house enable your delegates to practice their lifting techniques in the actual surroundings and with the equipment they use everyday. Delegates attending the 1/2 day refresher training must have proof of a previous full days Moving & Handling certificate taken within 3 years.

If 2 half day sessions of the same course are booked for the same day, the second course is half price.

Course Content

  • Causes of Back / Shoulder Injuries
  • Employer / Employee legal responsibilities
  • The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
  • The policy of the Royal College of Nursing
  • Correct Body Positions
  • Banned Lifts
  • Techniques of Patient Transfers
  • Use of Simple Transfer Aids
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment