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This 4 hour Fire Marshals course builds on the basic Fire Safety Awareness course & is designed to provide your designated “Competent Persons” with sufficient knowledge & confidence to take control in a fire emergency originating at work.

The Fire Marshals training enables the delegates to assist the “Responsible Person” in undertaking fire risk assessment, prevention / inspection duties, planning of fire drills & to take control in the event of a fire at work according to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

This Fire Marshal training course can be taken as an accredited Level 2 (RQF) if necessary to satisfy funding requirements.

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Course Objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be:

  • Aware of the importance of safe working practice
  • Aware of their company’s fire & evacuation policy / procedure
  • Capable of giving assistance to the Fire Risk Assessement, there importance & the legal requirements
  • Aware of the causes of fire, the way fire spreads & the methods used to control fires
  • Capable of using various types of fire extinguishers
  • Aware of the information to be passed to the Fire Service on their arrival
  • Capable of hazard recognition & their responsibility for reporting

Delegate numbers are limited to 12 on this course due to the “hands on” aspect & the amount of delegate participation

Course Content.

  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
    • Current legislation
    • Responsibilities
  • The Role of the Fire Marshal
  • Causes of Fire
    • The Fire Triangle
  • How Fire Spreads
    • Convection
    • Conduction
    • Radiation
    • Flashover
    • Backdraft
  • Arson
    • Statistics
    • Safeguarding against
  • Fire Detection & Warning


  • Means of Escape
  • Risk Assessment
    • Identify levels of risk
    • Who is at risk
    • Eliminate or control risks
    • Consider improvement
    • Record findings
    • Prepare / update emergency plan
    • Review assessment
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
    • “Hands on” use of Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire blankets
    • Sprinkler systems
  • The Emergency Plan & Evacuation
  • The Fire Drill
  • Hazardous Materials (CoSHH)
  • Recognising Fire Hazards at Home