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Healthcare professionals play an important role in supporting the bereaved. It is a task requiring sensitivity, imagination and understanding. This introductory one day course addresses these issues and is designed to offer practical advice and coping strategies for all care and community staff.

Course Aims

  • To consider bereavement in its broadest context & to discuss current thinking, research & its application to practice.
  • To explore with delegates their particular anxieties and difficulties within the care environment and to address these issues.
  • To encourage and empower healthcare professionals in supporting the bereaved.
  • To provide a framework for understanding the psychological, social and cultural nature of loss including theories of grief, stress, trauma etc.
  • To provide the skills necessary to work with peoples’ loss including listening, identification of feelings and planning strategies.
  • To provide the strategies and skills necessary to integrate loss and grief into the day to day work of healthcare staff.

In-house courses at your premises are available for groups of up to 15 candidates.

Course content

  • Types of loss
  • Pattern of grief and mourning
  • Signs of unresolved grief
  • Communication skills and useful techniques
  • Types of support
  • Needs of a bereaved person
  • Empathic listening
  • Self awareness
  • Service users and bereavement
  • Responses to bereavement
  • What staff can do
  • Preparing someone for bereavement
  • Procedures in the event of death