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The Level 4 Award in Health and Safety is designed to provide those in Managerial and Supervisory positions the appropriate knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety issues.

Course Description

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This course is currently unavailable.

This Level 4 course comprises of a syllabus to ensure the overall Health & Safety systems within a business are successfully implemented and managed. The course is suitable for employees within small start up businesses where basic systems are developed or an established / larger business which has grown with new personnel, products and / or processes.

The Level 4 Health and Safety course is for a maximum of 15 delegates and can be conducted at your premises throughout the UK.

This Level 4 Health and Safety course covers the following topics:-

  • Workplace Safety – Facilities for a healthy working environment, Electricity at work, Selection of work equipment, Fire safety, First Aid provisions.
  • Occupational Health & Hygiene – Design of work premises, Toxicity and categories of health hazards, Environmental and Occupational health monitoring, Control measures, Noise at Work, Radiation control, Stress, Occupational health initiatives.
  • Safe Systems – Development and implementation, The importance of human factors, Manual Handling, Work Equipment, Hazardous Substances, The identification and control of repetitive strain injuries, Emergency procedures.


  • Techniques of Safety Management – Health & Safety Policies implementation and review, techniques and functions of risk assessments, Accident procedures and investigations, Quality management and documentation.
  • Education and Training – Development and benefits of effective training programmes.
  • Legislation – The legal status and relationship between Acts of Parliament, Regulations, Codes of Practice, EC Directives, Case Law and Guidance Notes, The general duties imposed on all those who are responsible or affected by the workplace, The legal system, Enforcement Officers and Penalties, Competent persons and Safety Representatives.