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It is essential to promote a Health and Safety culture in any workplace and a significant element in this strategy is the need to have a well trained and knowledgeable workforce at all levels. There are existing opportunities to train managers and operators but until now there has been little choice and opportunity for supervisor training at middle management levels, this Level 3 course provides a solution.

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A 3 day course formerly Ofqual registered as QCF now becomes RQF, aimed at supervisors, owners of small businesses, team leaders and anyone else who has a responsibility for Health & Safety in the work place. The requirement for good health and safety practices in the workplace is enshrined in law but as importantly is a responsibility shared by all. Business owners and managers must ensure that policies and procedures are in place to protect not only workers but also visitors to the premises.

This Level 3 Health & Safety course could be taken as non accredited if your needs assessment deems accreditation unneccesary, in which case the costings would be adjusted.

Aims of the programme

  • To provide understanding of the main concepts of health and safety.
  • To promote the benefits of a health and safety culture.
  • To clarify the roles and responsibilities of individuals, supervisors and management in health and safety.
  • To provide an understanding of health and safety control and improvement strategies available to supervisors.

The duration of this Level 3 training course is 3 days. The examination is a 2 hour multi-choice test.

Course content.

  • Concept of Health & Safety
    • Who is at risk?
    • Incidence of illness and accidents, health and safety factors and how to use them
    • Costs of poor health and safety
  • Accidents in the Workplace
    • Nature of accidents
    • ‘Near misses’ and the accident triangle
    • Reporting and investigating
    • Key causes and prevention
  • Health in the Workplace
    • Nature of illness and disease
    • Monitoring of health / illness
    • Key causes and prevention
  • Legal Provisions
    • Health and Safety at Work Act responsibilities
    • Regulations and Codes of Practice
    • Employees rights and responsibilities
    • Penalties and enforcement powers
    • Working with enforcement officers
    • Sources of information


  • Health & Safety Organisation & Management
    • Introduction to management
    • Risk Assessment
    • Auditing and monitoring
    • Investigating incidents
    • Keeping records
  • Supervising Health & Safety
    • The role of a supervisor and supervisor training
    • Monitoring Health and Safety
    • Motivating and encouraging improvements
    • Training needs and techniques
    • Working with employees
    • Handling conflict
    • Working with management
    • General features