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A half day course for those wishing to use the AED in their workplace.
In line with the Governments initiative AEDs are becoming more widely available, particularly in places where people gather, such as shopping centers, railway stations, airports and large workplaces.

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Most sudden cardiac arrests result from ventricular fibrillation. This is a rapid and unsyncronised heart rhythm starting in the hearts ventricles. The heart must be defibrillated quickly because a casualties chance of survival reduces significantly all the time the heart is in fibrillation.

This half day programme is designed to train delegates in the safe use of an AED, it is for a maximum of 12 delegates who wish to use the AED in their workplace. The course can be used as a bolt on for those delegates already qualified as First Aiders.

If 2 half day sessions are booked for the same day, the second course is half price.

Course content

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Background briefing on the necessity for defibrillation
  • Basic heart function and cardio-vascular system
  • Safe use of an AED
  • Introduction to AED and how it works
  • Safety precautions
  • Practical CPR and AED session