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Here in Abbey Wood, there is a high demand for places on our Manual Handling Training courses, and businesses in this area always need  well-trained staff. We offer many levels for each course, ensuring you can work to the best of your current ability at any time.

Recognised across all employment sectors, our courses are ideal for those from any industry looking to improve their qualifications and skills.

Our Manual Handling Training courses are renowned for their breadth of content, and our expert trainers are passionate about their chosen subject. All of our trainers will adapt the course content to suit the sector where our training is being delivered, the learners will easily be able to identify how our course content fits into their working activities.

Our Manual Handling Training Courses Abbey Wood London

02476 403 840 0800 9700 132

Vocational Diplomas

Our accredited Vocational Diplomas are available as workplace qualifications Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Health and Adult Care. These fully funded qualifications are available in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Health & Safety Courses

Show “due diligence” by ensuring all of your staff in Abbey Wood are fully compliant with your Health & Safety policies and procedures! Contact us today for further info.

Health & Social Care Courses

Available both in online and offline format, our Health & Social Care courses are great for a wide variety of care homes and businesses.

Food Hygiene Courses

If your staff handle or package food it is critical they are fully compliant with the latest legislative requirements Food Safety Hygiene qualifications.

First Aid Courses

Following closely with current Health & Safety Executive guidelines, our first aid courses provide the latest theory and practical skills for your staff in Abbey Wood

Online Courses

Get yourself started up quickly and begin learning today with our fully online accredited courses provided by Ashtree Management Services Ltd!

Access Manual Handling Training Courses Online with E-Learning

We have recently introduced an exciting, brand new selection of e-learning courses!

Mix and match our traditional (classroom) courses with a selection of sector specific e-learning packages.

E-Learning is fast becoming the most popular method to train employees because of how easy and accessible they are.

Accredited Manual Handling Training Training

Ashtree Management Services Ltd provide accredited First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Safety (hygiene) and Health & Social Care training at our customers venues in Abbey Wood and London areas.

Ashtree have been training providers to various local organisations throughout Abbey Wood since 1990, we now have additional trainers available nationwide to deliver training courses in your surrounding area.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost effective, industry specific, accredited Manual Handling Training courses in a manner which is both accurate, interesting and most importantly enjoyable.

When Should You Take a Manual Handling Training Training Course?

With new regulations and guidelines being put in place so frequently, there’s little surprise that places for our Manual Handling Training courses are in high demand! We understand how important it is for staff in Abbey Wood to be fully up to date with the latest training in Manual Handling Training and our courses allow your staff to develop knowledge and skills in a practical and enjoyable way. We check our courses often, to ensure we continue to deliver the best courses available in London.

Since the early 1990s, we have been delivering extensive and comprehensive training within the Manual Handling Training field. We have been at the front of training innovations for Manual Handling Training ever since! We only select the most qualified trainers to deliver our courses, those who are true experts in their field, and with a real passion for their subject.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest news on regulations and guidelines, so our Manual Handling Training training is a great option for those looking to keep their staff current and well trained. We monitor our courses and trainers regularly to check we continually deliver the most appropriate information and skills to candidates.

There is a need for well trained employees in Abbey Wood and the wider London area. We excel at delivering top quality training both online and through face to face formats, at the high standard required to develop safe working practices.

We monitor our courses and trainers often to ensure we are providing the best and most relevant courses practicable. Our Manual Handling Training courses are known for their breadth and depth of content as well as their good accreditation rates. Those who have partaken in our courses are likely to be working with more confidence and are more effective within best practice guidelines.

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