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There’s a strong demand for highly trained staff who are trained in Food Safety in the Newnham area. There’s always a need for well-trained staff! All our courses are made up of different levels to allow your staff to build up their knowledge base at the right pace for your needs.

Perfect for those companies looking to improve their skills base to gain recognised qualifications, our Food Safety training courses are useful for all working environments, from the private businesses to public sector, even individuals taking our online courses!

Our trainers are selected for their expert knowledge, allowing the courses to provide a comprehensive curriculum combining theory and practical aspects. We create individualised training programmes to ensure participants work on their skills in the most effective way.

Our Food Safety Courses Newnham Gloucestershire

02476 403 840 0800 9700 132

First Aid Courses

Fully in line with current Health & Safety Executive guidelines, our courses provide the latest theory and practical skills for your staff in Newnham

Health & Social Care Courses

Our range of Health & Social Care course are available in Gloucestershire as both face to face and online access, allowing for flexible learning

Vocational Diplomas

Our competence based approach allows you to build on relevant skills for your staff and gain workplace qualifications in Health and Adult Care. Our levels 2,3,4 and 5 Diplomas are fully funded in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Health & Safety Courses

We offer a large range of enjoyable and highly practical courses to ensure your staff work safely at all times

Food Hygiene Courses

Ensure your “Due Diligence” by enforcing local policies and all food handlers are fully compliant with the Food Hygiene Regulations 2005

Online Courses

Online Courses

Online Courses

Get yourself started up quickly and begin learning today with our fully online accredited courses.

When Should You Take a Food Safety Training Course?

Always high in demand, our Food Safety training courses ensure you and your staff remain up to date with the latest working regulations in that field. It’s vital that staff are aware of current working practices, and our courses here in Newnham allow your staff to build up skills and knowledge on the subject at the appropriate pace for them. Checked frequently for content quality and delivery, our courses offer the best blend of practical and theoretical skills to allow staff to work at their best.

We began in 1990, Ashtree Management Services Ltd have built up a great reputation in the training community as providing the highest quality Food Safety courses. Working with the best trainers, true experts in their field, we ensure your skills are as up to date as they can be.

It’s well known that skills in Food Safety are highly valued by employers, particularly with new regulations being introduced frequently. It can be difficult to keep up with the changes to regulations, so our courses are written to allow you to stay compliant with current legislation.

There is a demand for highly trained staff with Food Safety training, especially in the Newnham area, as well as the surrounding Gloucestershire area! We provide flexible and comprehensive training courses offering access both online and traditional face to face learning. We work to very high standards, and check our course content and trainers frequently to ensure we are continually delivering the most up to date courses available, delivered in the most enjoyable manner.

Reviewing our staff and courses often allows us to develop the highest quality courses and ensures we are offering the latest innovations in Food Safety training. Our courses are well known for their quality and breadth of content as well as offering practical as well as theoretical opportunities to learn.

Ashtree Providing Food Safety Courses in Newnham…

Ashtree Management Services Ltd provide accredited First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Safety (hygiene) and Health & Social Care training at our customers venues anywhere across England and Wales.

We have been operating out of our Suffolk office in Stowmarket since 1990 and more recently from our Coventry office in the West Midlands since 2002.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost effective, industry specific, accredited training in a manner which is both accurate, interesting and most importantly enjoyable.

Professionally Qualified Food Safety Trainers

Being up to date in Food Safety training is an important factor for many employees, particularly those working in the Newnham area. Our range of courses are available in both online and face to face classroom options, which allows for flexible and practical learning opportunities. All our courses are written to meet the latest working regulations, and our Food Safety courses allow your staff to work safely.

Access Food Safety Courses Anywhere, At Anytime in Gloucestershire!

E-Learning now available! E-learning is fast becoming the most popular method to train employees because of how easy and accessible they are.

Why You’ll Love Our Services

Affordable, dedicated, family run business…

  • Skilled Trainers

    experienced skilled team of trainers and consultants, able to develop individual training programmes whilst maintaining excellent communications

  • Long Term Relationships

    we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with all our customers to assist them meet their statutory obligations and corporate goals

  • Experience

    established in 1990, our experience means we deliver the most cost effective, industry specific, accredited training

  • The Latest Training

    professionally qualified trainers who are experts within their chosen fields, monitored annually to ensure up to date product knowledge

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