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Ashtree Management Services Ltd provide group First Aid Training Courses at your Organisation’s venue throughout London and Soho locations. Our experience spans more than 30 years, providing all things Health and Safety to a wide range and totally diverse group of organisations across England & Wales. We understand the importance of being fully HSE compliant from a legislative perspective but can also assist you to promote organisational loyalty: It has been recognised that employees, suppliers, customers and the wider local community respond positively to companies who actively provide and promote face to face training days within their establishments. Getting groups of employees together on site for First Aid training promotes a feeling of safety, well-being and worker value to other employees. Our customers report an improvement in morale after hosting our training sessions and say that they provide a visual reinforcement of the organisation taking their responsibilities seriously.

Our First Aid training courses can be used to provide a basic level of knowledge to comply with legislation and smart companies use our face to face training to proactively empower the work force.

  • First Aid courses follow HSE syllabus & comply with current Resucitation Councils guidelines
  • Courses from as little as £300.00 per group
  • Accredited or non accredited First Aid courses available to suit your needs.
  • A real person to talk to when booking your First Aid courses.
  • Highly visible method of promoting health & safety to employees, suppliers & customers
  • We have been providing training solutions to Organisations for 30+ years

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Ashtree Management Services Ltd provide First Aid Training for your employees at your premises.

We are a Registered Centre with Highfield Qualifications to provide Ofqual regulated First Aid training courses in Soho. We have more than 30 years experience in the First Aid training industry, having seen many changes that have come, gone and not surprisingly – returned.

Legally, the organisation will have completed and reviewed a  First Aid Risk Assessment covering at least the following;

  • Every employer in the UK, regardless of the size of the company, is legally obligated to plan for the provision of First Aid at work. Employers must make sure that suitably qualified First Aid persons are always available and on your Soho, London sites to give or arrange for the provision of first aid. This applies to all instances when personnel are on site ie, site is closed for maintenance – maintenance personnel need first aid cover, parents evening at school – teachers & the parents (general public) need to have first aid cover, office cleaning at night – provision has to be made for “lone working”. The organisation has to cover for all eventualities with the number of qualified “First Aiders”, they have to be available to cover sickness, absenteeism, holidays etc. First aiders must hold a current First Aid training certificate from a qualified/registered provider.
  • The employer must provide First Aid equipment that is suitable and adequate for the number of employees + visitors and the nature of  the business (office, school, manufacturing, hospitality etc). The employer has a responsibility to access the layout & size of their premises in London for the provision of First Aid equipment. The contents should be checked periodically to ensure they are within date and then recorded. Our courses discuss your first aid box contents & risk assessments.

 Ashtree can assist you to decide which course is most suitable for your needs ranging from our accredited 3 day First Aid at Work course to our 1 day non accredited First Aid in Schools.

We can also provide non accredited courses if these are more suitable for your organisation, your companies  “Needs Assessment/Due Diligence” will have been assessed to determine what qualification you are likely to need. We can give assistance with this if needed – just contact us for help.

First Aid Courses.

Further information, prices & course links

We can train this 1/2 day course at your premises for a maximum of 12 delegates. With the regulation changes in March 2015 with the introduction of the Care Certificate, Basic Life Support training has been re-introduced into the 15 standards. This course complies with The UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015.

Our Emergency First Aid (EFA) training course follows exactly the same syllabus as the Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work course (EFAW) but excludes the theory test, its been developed for small organisations who feel they need trained first aid personnel but have no requirement for them to be accredited at this level. If you feel this may be suitable for your organisation as an alternative to our accredited course then we can help you complete the required “needs assessment” to comply with HSE regulations. We can train this 1 day or 1/2 day refresher course at your premises for a maximum of 12 delegates.

Our 1 day First Aid in Social Care course has been specifically developed for the Social Care sector concentrating on the types of accidents & nature of the most common illnesses found within this demanding sector. This non accredited course for 12 delegates is designed to specifically fulfill the Social Care sectors requirement to assess the first aid needs of the business.

We can train this 1 day course at your School for a maximum of 12 delegates. Our First Aid for Schools course is designed to equip staff dealing with school aged children with the confidence and skills to deal with a first aid incident. It is based on the Ofqual regulated Emergency First Aid at Work course (EFAW) but aimed more to the School environment where specific playground / classroom injuries can occur and using the typical school reporting procedures.

In line with the Governments initiative AEDs are becoming more widely available, particularly in places where people gather, such as shopping centres, railway stations, airports and large workplaces. This 1 day course is designed for a maximum of 12 delegates who wish to be trained in the use of an AED in their workplace.

This 1 day accredited course for 12 delegates is designed for low risk environments such as the office, low hazard manufacturing / warehousing, health & social care and small to medium sized organisations. Under the new regulations this course has changed from a Level 2 (QCF) and now becomes Ofqual regulated (RQF) Level 3 accredited.

This 3 day First Aid at Work course for 12 delegates covers all aspects of First Aid and meets the requirements of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. The regulations require that “an employer shall provide, or ensure there is provided, such numbers of suitable persons as is adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for rendering first aid to his employees if they become ill or injured at work”. This course has changed from the QCF to the new RQF.

Our 2 day First Aid at Work Refresher (FAWR) courses for 12 delegates is needed every 3 years to enable First Aiders to continue to hold a full First Aid at Work certificate. The syllabus covers all the details of the full first aid course in brief as well as catching up on any protocol or technique changes that may have occurred within the 3 years. This course has now changed from the QCF to RQF Ofqual listing.

Our Paediatric First Aid is a 12 hour (2 day) training course for 12 delegates that is especially designed for carers of young children in any environment. It is specifically designed for school and nursery staff, parents and play leaders. The course meets the requirements of Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 (EYFS) for Ofsted-regulated child-care settings and has now been reclassified from QCF to RQF

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